Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Zaphire Premium GO Launcher Theme

This is a high quality and extremely detailed theme with high definition graphics with 11 custom themed HD wallpapers, autothemed icons, and a themed clock widget, to give very detailed and defined graphics even in devices with the highest resolution screens. Everything is themed to the last detail, using metallic textures, lighting effects, reflections and gradients to give a great contrast and quality look.

IMPORTANT!! This is not a standalon app, you need to have GO Launcher installed to apply the theme, you can find it free on Google play. Search for: GO Launcher.


* All icons are themed automatically.

* High resolution wallpaper pack with 11 themed wallpapers. Perfect for high resolution screens and/or tablets.

* Includes custom wallpaper picker to easily choose between the theme's wallpapers

* Includes three docks.

* Includes custom themed analog metal clock widget compatible with all launchers.

* Compatible with all screen resolutions, and android versions from 1.6 up.

* No unsafe permissions required for installation, no intrusive ads. No data collection.


For how-to’s, and tips on the compatible launchers, please visit the video tutorial sections of my webpage here:


IMPORTANT! The Zaphire GO Launcher CLOCK WIDGET is included in the theme, you can select it from the widget list in any of the launchers. You may have to resize the widget to center on the screen depending on your phone's resolution.